Uch Sharif Trust

We found a note on this city in the oldest Punjab-history, as well as, the historical books of Greece (1000 B.C to 110 B.C), that, "Uch Sharif" was regarded as one of most modern and prominent cities not only in India but in Asia, also. This city has commended special importance in the chronological remnants of the sub-continent. Culturally, this city was considered as one of the richest cities. In seventeenth century, when Buddhism suffered decline because of rapidly surging Hinduism, Uch Sharif, although, remained under the influence of India, yet Sufism held steadfast and restrained resilience against all odds. With the arrival of Muslim conquerors from Madina, Baghdad, Asfahan, Samarqand and Bukhara, the influence of their civilizations was evidently marked in this region, which became further prominent in the regime of Moguls "Mughals". The cities of "Multan" and "Uch Sharif" were of exceptional significance because of their extraordinary architectural knowledge and the extreme winters and summers in this region. "Uch" has been a hub of many civilizations. It has also witnessed the periods large of vivek period, Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It has also been a place of the worshippers of thunder-light, like Greeks and Keshan, also Christians and Sikhs came here. In fact people belonging to different religions have dwelt in this region. Their worship centers or religious axis are very significant in the outlook of their architecture. In the thirteenth century "Uch Sharif" was a great venue of Islamic sciences and arts. In this century "Uch Sharif" made unparalleled progress. It was during this century that the foundation of first Islamic religion institution was laid here. With the passage of the time about 2500 Muslim Scholars from this Arab, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and Kashmir gathered in these great institutions to preach and proliferate Islamic teachings. That's why almost every nook and corner of "Uch Sharif" contains a tomb of a Saint in it. That's why, at one time, Uch Sharif was known as "City of syeds". A complete record (of the history) of all Syeds i.e. Naqvi Bukhari, Gillani, Ghardizi, Kazmi, Mashhadi, Rizvi, Hashmi, Zaidi, and Tirmizi, reflects their presence in this city. The tomb of Hazrat Bibi Jiwandi (R.A) is an exclusive and precious replica of architecture. It is famous throughout the world for its blue tiles and unique construction. Almost half of this tomb has been destroyed by the stormy waves of the river "Satluj". When seen from a distance, this tomb looks very beautiful but when we see it from a short distance, it seems as if it has been slashed in the middle like a cake, and if it is not repaired in time there are chances of its crumple. Adjacent to this beautiful tomb there are also other tombs, which are very important historically e.g. tomb of Hazrat Bahawal Haleem Durrani and tomb of Nuria Durrani. In the sub-continent, Muslim saints strengthen Islam. The very first personality, who illuminated the torch of Islam in "Uch Sharif" was Hazrat Syed Jalal ud din Bukhari (R.A) - the founder of Sufi-ism, in this part of Asia. His hierarchy originates from the Holy family of Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S).
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